Good things come in Amipak packages

30. 08. 22

At the tap of a smartphone, a hot meal can take just 30 minutes to arrive via a box-bagged, traffic-dodging deliverer. However, the plastic it so often includes may take up to 1,000 years to disappear.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

Hopefully, it provided you with some sense of the scale of the problem facing the food-to-go sector, and the value in sourcing viable packaging solutions and partners.

Selecting the right packaging is important in every industry, but none more so than food delivery, where it directly impacts the quality of the product. The right packaging helps keep your food warm and intact, from your kitchen to your diner’s door.

Where design was previously complicit in the waste problem, we endeavour to make our packaging do something about it.

We’re very much a fast mover when it comes to sustainability and have invested over a decade of resources into the development of to-go packaging, which is plastic-free (wherever possible), renewable, recyclable and compostable. Put simply, it seamlessly integrates into a business’s existing waste streams, whatever they may be.

Not only that, but our expert team also carefully considers cost, safety concerns, trends, and brand identity, making the humble takeaway container a lot more sophisticated than it looks.

Packaging you won’t go cold on

Many senses influence how we enjoy the dining experience, including sight. The right packaging keeps food intact and upright so it looks just as appealing as it would on a fine China plate in a high-end restaurant.

Hot food should be hot, cold food should be cold. Simple, right? Wrong.

Ventilation is essential to ensure food doesn’t go soggy, although too much could mean the food cools too quickly. Afterthoughts such as steam, condensation, varying temperatures, and motion can all take their toll on delivery items.

Our advice? Plan your menu for delivery. Box up your menu items in our flagship brown leakproof range, for example, and head home with a couple of colleagues. Then take a black marker pen and strike through the dishes whose integrity doesn’t hold up.

Quality packaging also keeps food safe from any cross-contamination that might occur during the transfer of food from a restaurant to a customer.

Our Flustix plastic-free, brown leakproof range ticks all those boxes, and more. It will preserve the optics of the dish and help maintain quality, freshness, and temperature. Essentially, it helps ensure there is no trade-off in terms of experience when it comes to ordering food for delivery.

Brand building potential

People buy with their eyes and attractive packaging encourages repeat sales. Innovative, versatile, stylish, and sustainable, good food packaging always echoes a brand and its values.

Businesses use numerous methods to capture the interest of consumers, yet packaging has always held all the aces in this regard. Every time a pack leaves the kitchen, think of it as a walking advert for your brand. It is a core part of building a relationship between a brand and the end-user. Unique design helps to create a lasting impression and reinforces brand recognition.

Imagine a stranger walking past you with a colourful box and a steaming portion of fish and chips. It’s the unique style of the box and branding which will likely intrigue you first (of course the wonderful aroma of salt and vinegar will soon follow!). The hope is that the box resonates sufficiently to ask where the fish and chips were from and convince you to make a purchase. It enables you to harness the power of everyday moments and disrupt the daily journey in a creative, impactful way.

Customers choosing well

While consumers will always demand the freshest ingredients and a variety of menu offerings, something else is also paramount today in their order decisions: a restaurant’s sustainability effort.

Stocking sustainable food options, avoiding waste, and being conscious about packaging are now key considerations for potential customers. People are increasingly supportive of businesses that share plans around making their dishes and deliveries more sustainable.

Among a host of behind-the-counter efficiencies, our solutions facilitate accurate portions and mitigate spoil or loss, all of which further exacerbate the climate crisis. When throwing food away think of it as more than a meal. Think of the energy used in the growing, producing, packaging, and delivering of the product.

Striking a balance between innovation and functionality has always been at the heart of everything we do at amipak, but you can always rely on us to deploy personalised and highly sustainable food packaging solutions. Solutions that play an indisputable role in aiding customer decision-making, orders, repeat orders and customer retention.

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